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    Quality Policies: Quality enhances brand image, while brand leads a bright future of a company. The key of galloping in the fiber-optical communication industry is our quality improvement. We persist in promoting quality management and specifying customers’ needs to build our core competence and become a leading company.
    Environment Policies: Comply with regulations, save energy, reduce fuel, prevent the pollution and continued to improve
    We Promise:
     1. Establish and implement and constantly improve the environment management system  based on the requirements of ISO14001
     2. Set the enterprise’s goal and standard of environment protection during  business operations
        a) Control and decrease the use and emission of harm material to environment in product production process, promote pollution prevention
        b) Strengthen the solid waste management, reduce the impact of sewage ,flue gas and noise on environment
        c) Hold the activities of reducing fuel and saving energy, be reasonable in using energy resources.
     3. Review environmental management system regularly, to ensure the running situation of the environmental management system really implemented effectively